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It’s all black and white March 7, 2008

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Recently I wondered what it would be like to fill a white space with black shapes.  This small ponderence started me down another art journey that resulted in my first sale of Art.  Now, to be clear, I have sold things before.  I sell my art on greeting cards, mirrors, magnets, a bird house and of course I have sold lots of jewelry.  But this sale was the first piece of Art for Art’s sake – Art that has no other function than to be admired.  

The sale then inspired me to make more of my black and white or “Filigree” pieces.  I now have a series of 6, all available on my Etsy site (http://www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com)  Pictured here is “Bird on a Pedestal” my latest work in the series.  As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.



Quid Pro Quo January 20, 2008

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My favorite Yahoo group has announced that it will most likely dissolve at the end of this month.  I am so sad.  I have had such amazing art exchanges with this group.  Just finished a bracelet made from 20 different handmade charms from numerous artists.  Such a cool experience – to send in 10 of something and get 10 amazing pieces of art in return.

 My most recent swap was a one on one exchange with a very talented artist named Ang. (Visit her blog here  http://altermyworld.blogspot.com/) She fell in love with my tree cards and ordered a couple of sets, then asked if I would make one just for her.  I in turn selected one of her design concepts and asked her to make one for me. 

 O happy day! When her card arrived in the mail I was smitten.  Every time I look at it I feel like its my birthday.  What a great feeling.   I have posted here pics of both my and Ang’s art.  Hope it makes you smile too.



Don’t take me seriously December 7, 2007

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3.5 inch pocket mirrors

I have a bit of a block when it comes to making art.  I am fine making stuff that I know will have some practical use.  Needing to send out thank you cards spurred me to create lots of little pieces that I could re-print.  Next, I thought it would be fun to do a whole series of initials that I could then reprint on little items, like the pocket mirrors I have pictured here (for sale at http://www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com)  It is only when trying to create art that will hang on the wall, that I run out of ideas.  Suddenly, I am hesitant – Not quite sure what I should add, or even where to begin.  Part of me would love to create large pieces of art – great big canvases that serve no other purpose than to look pretty.  But that little voice in my head keeps saying  “Do that and you are suddenly taking yourself so seriously!”  I can’t even bring myself to frame and hang my own stuff, I am so afraid of what that little voice will say.  So instead, I just keep hammering out 5×7 and 8×10 pieces that exist only to be scanned and reprinted.  Really, I have a whole stack here. 

So what to do?  I have ordered mats that will enable me to sell some of my stuff as art for arts sake.  Maybe once I have sold a few I will be ready to let go of the originals and finally take on that sofa sized canvas.  Or maybe not. 


Just another excuse to make art. November 12, 2007

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As many of you know, I have recently been ill and required minor surgery.  I have received a wonderful outpouring of affection from friends far and wide making thank you cards a necessity.  So I took this opportunity to make a few new pieces of art.  I figured if I am gonna send a card, why pay for someone else’s work?  I would much rather make something and pass it on.  The fruits of my labors became a set of 4 bird themed cards, and a set of 4  with trees.  They will soon be off to all my lovely friends and relatives. 

I was pleased enough to post a few here and offer both sets for sale at my etsy shop www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts.