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My big fat skinny book. The journey ends. October 9, 2007

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Today I completed the last of my skinny book pages.  26 all original pages, 8″ X 4″ each,  were required and as I look through them I realize that I have learned much from this  exercise.  I have learned to doodle. I have learned to control a paint brush.  I have learned that I actually like watercolor, something I never thought I would say.  I have learned to mix colors without fear.  Basically, I have learned how to behave like an artist. 

 26 all original pages is a daunting task, to say the least.  I promised that I would use this opportunity to explore different techniques.  But this  exercise has brought me so much more.  It has helped me to develop the style I was looking for, one full of whimsy and color.  It has forced me to put aside the notion that I can’t draw and accept my abilities for all their faults.  It also forced me too create when I truly didn’t want to – and I am amazed at what came out during that time. 

In short, creating 26 all original skinny book pages has helped me to feel and act like an artist, and trust that I am good at it.  I highly recommend the experience.



Feeling a little blocked… October 2, 2007


A little over a week ago, we put our dog to sleep.  This has left me feeling sorely uncreative (among other things.)  Normally, I would just allow myself time to get through it, knowing that I will eventually be able to get my art on.  My problem is this – my skinny book pages are due soon and I still have a lot to do.  So I am trying to work through it.  Even though I really feel it is not my best work. 

I have made 5 pages and thrown out 2 – something I don’t normally do.  Usually even if a work isn’t what I was going for, I can handle the surprise and make it into something else that I like.  Not this time.  I am veiwing everything with a great big jaundiced eye (not my usual rose colored glasses) and it all looks like crap to me. 

 I can only hope the receipients of these pages don’t agree with me. 

 In the meantime, I am throwing everything I have at this effort.  Paint, sewing, clip art, collage, layers – everything I can think of.   The pics above are of the ones that are dry.  On the left is “glamorous” – I love using this face.  I call her Judith.  The one on the right is a reaction to feeling like my heart is missing a piece since Augie died. 



Still more skinny book pages August 26, 2007


This pair brings me up to 12.  Only 14 more to go.


More skinny book pages

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I finally decided to bite the bullet and tackle some more skinny book pages.    You will recall from previous posts that I am making 26 original pages for  Chrysti Hydeck’s skinny book exchange (as featured in a recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.) Partially due to my fear that I will wake up and have all the unfinished pages due at once, and partially because I am tired of making purses right now (I have a whole bunch posted on my Etsy site www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com) I chose to make 4 pages.  Here they are with (hopefully) a few more to follow in the next few days.


More skinny book pages August 25, 2007

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Skinny book page – fancy ladies July 13, 2007

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Here it is, the second installment of my skinny book pages for Chrysti Hydeck’s exchange. (For more info, click on Chrysti’s link at right.)  I call these my “Fancy Ladies” which is nicer than saying vintage sluts.  (and thank the gods for them!  I just love these images.)  Anyway, I wanted to immortalize them in my own way, so here they are . 

It is funny how these pages come together.  Some of them just flow and naturally come together, others are a real struggle.  Just like in the funerary pages, some of them I love, some leave me a little flat.  I just hope the recipients are pleased. 



Skinny book pages – funerary art July 5, 2007

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I just signed up for Chrysti Hydeck’s skinny book exchange (as featured in the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors) so I am starting to work on my pages.  There are a few different swaps but the requirements for mine are 26 all original pages sized 4×8.  Since I get three pages out of a piece of watercolor paper, I am doing them in sets of three with a different theme for each set.  I am using this as a way to experiment with all these techniques and styles I am reading about lately. 

Above are the first three pages I made for the swap.

To learn more about the swap, follow the Art by Chrysti link to the right.