Kathleen Creates

No So Deep Thoughts from the Artist In the Basement

About June 18, 2007


After three years designing Sterling silver jewelry, Kathleen’s need to create led her to the challenge of mixed media.  Her works include hand decorated journals, soldered glass key chain charms, memory pendants, shrink plastic and sterling silver bracelets, memory jars, hand-painted applique clothing and anything else that strikes her fancy.  She is currently busy creating as much art to sell as possible, at least enough to fill a sales booth. 

Future exhibitions and sales to be announced.

Please feel free to contact Kathleen with any questions, comments or to purchase her work.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Leigh Says:

    Just checked out your blog. This is great! Really like the new stuff you are working on….Leigh
    P.S. love the pants in the bike picture.

  2. Karen Mandel Says:

    I love your shrink braclet. I am making charms for Art Unraveled in Pheonix. I have been making shrink plastic charms….I have been stamping the plastic, then using water colors on the rough side…I also used a large hole punch heart shape…

    I wsa wondering if you could share with me what you did to your shrink plastic charms…I have a blog and will tray and post them soon.

    Thanks, love your blog and your art…


  3. Goldrush Says:

    I saw your Thank You heart on the KDVS fundraiser site, and France just mentioned your support for her show. Great stuff.

  4. […] image by Kathleen, who has a wonderful blog, found by way of Google Image Search. […]

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