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Beauty everywhere I look April 24, 2008

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Irish greenBare tree

I have been walking around feeling a little high lately.  Everywhere I look I see nature’s beauty.  Maybe it is because we are actually having a Spring season this year.  As opposed to Virginia’s usual mad rush from Winter to Summer.  Everywhere I look nature is begging me to notice her.  And yes, I am quite sure that Nature is a woman.  Who else but a woman would display her beauty over and over begging you for a complement?  Well, she’s definitely caught my attention.  Here are a couple of shots of the little things I noticed on a recent walk. 

I see you, Nature.  And you are gorgeous.


3 Responses to “Beauty everywhere I look”

  1. inknform Says:

    I concur!…nature wants to be seen and it is indeed beautiful! God has an awesome way of making us smile wih the smallest things in nature.

    The pic of the stepping stones in the greenery reminded me of how my wife & I just put out some flagstone steps. It makes such an impact on the landscape of a yard/garden area!

  2. beautiful photographs, Kathleen!

  3. Those are very wonderful photos!

    I received a Marie Antoinette Blog Award and decided to pass it along to some of the warmest and talented bloggers I follow (albeit irregularly)

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