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My big fat skinny book. The journey ends. October 9, 2007

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Today I completed the last of my skinny book pages.  26 all original pages, 8″ X 4″ each,  were required and as I look through them I realize that I have learned much from this  exercise.  I have learned to doodle. I have learned to control a paint brush.  I have learned that I actually like watercolor, something I never thought I would say.  I have learned to mix colors without fear.  Basically, I have learned how to behave like an artist. 

 26 all original pages is a daunting task, to say the least.  I promised that I would use this opportunity to explore different techniques.  But this  exercise has brought me so much more.  It has helped me to develop the style I was looking for, one full of whimsy and color.  It has forced me to put aside the notion that I can’t draw and accept my abilities for all their faults.  It also forced me too create when I truly didn’t want to – and I am amazed at what came out during that time. 

In short, creating 26 all original skinny book pages has helped me to feel and act like an artist, and trust that I am good at it.  I highly recommend the experience.



6 Responses to “My big fat skinny book. The journey ends.”

  1. Pattie Says:

    Your pages are so good!! Also I am so happy to see that you did 26 different pages, as so did I!! I think this was a “keep you on your toes” challenge for myself, because it made me really “THINK” about my 3 pages every day, which actually made them come out better!! I had a great time doing this…hope you did too…Which group are you in???? I am in Book 3!! WONDERFUL JOB…REALLY WONDERFUL!

  2. mcdc3s Says:

    I know that working on these had to be a task… but well worth it to say the least! Great outcome. All are so neat.

  3. Seth Says:

    Wow! I think both of these pages are amazing. They are very creative. I really love the backgrounds and the doodling. Hopefully I get to see one in person — I am in Book 1, are you?

  4. Judy H in NC Says:

    They are really great. I find one of my biggest obstacles is the whole “I’m not good enought at that” syndrome. I am finally letting go and drawing and using watercolors, etc and not letting my huge inner critic stand in the way.

    Great Job!

  5. Kristina Says:

    Hi Kathleen…I wandered over here from Melissa Chapin’s blog, by way of Nici Derosier, by way of Nicci Mechler, I think…got to clickity clickin’ on the links and somehow landed here. And halle-freakin’-luyah that I did! I am literally drooling over these two pages you’re showing here, scrolling down the page, looking at more of your lovely creations, and very much falling in love with your use of color, your composition style and your subject matter.
    And since you’ve been on this journey to finding your style, I wanted to just say, as a random stranger that fell fortunately upon your blog “Oh hell yeah you’re good enough!” In fact, very talented, creative and original. Your style is very original and it’s beautifully executed. You passed “Artist” about 100 miles ago, and landed yourself in “Talented Artist Land”. So, I just wanted to say thank you, for sharing what you’re doing here.

  6. Seth Says:

    Kathleen: I received one of your wonderful pages in the Skinny Book swap. It is definitely a favorite. I would like to include an image of your page on my blog in a post about the swap. Would that be alright with you? Please let me know. Thanks! Seth

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