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How do you thank someone for buying your art? October 1, 2007

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A fridge magnet - the item purchased.Thank you card

I have had a few sales on Esty (Etsy is a fabulous place to buy and sell handmade items.  Check out my shops by clicking on the links under “buy my art”) and am now wondering what to send as a thank you.   If the item is above a certain price and the package can hold another item, I might send a little freebie that doesn’t raise the price of shipping.  However, my last couple of sales have been refrigerator magnets.  These items sell for only $4.00 and the $2 shipping won’t cover the addition of another item.  So what to send?  I have started making little thank you cards on scraps of watercolor paper.  I figure it is a nice gesture and uses up a piece of paper that would normally be garbage. 

But it leaves me thinking… Is it wrong to thank an art buyer with more art?  Seems like rather circular logic to me.  I mean, just because they buy something from me doesn’t neccesarily mean they will like my style of doodle art.   True, I have gotten a good reaction from these pieces, but that does not mean they are universally loved.  So I wonder, do I look like I am cheaping out?  Or is it really the thought that counts?

 Let me know what you think.  I would be interested in your opinions.



4 Responses to “How do you thank someone for buying your art?”

  1. Nina Says:

    I think your little thank you pieces are a very nice and gracious gesture. I can’t see how they would be received as such. As a buyer, I would remember a vendor who did such an unexpected touch.

  2. Stacy Says:

    I love getting extra goodies, even if it’s not my style I appreciate all styles of art. I think a little thank you is a great idea, but not something you have to do.

  3. I think this is a wonderful thing to do. The little extra gifts seem to be more common in the ‘paper art’ world than the fiber art world I move in. I tend to write a thank you letter on a note card and enclose that with their purchase.

  4. Hello Kathleen,
    I love your thank you art. I do a public affairs show at KDVS as a volunteer (and have done so for nearly 9 years now), I was hoping to post your art next to my plea for pledges. Of course, you will be fully acknowleged! You can look at it and I will take it down immediately if you wish me to.

    In any case, thank you for your work!


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