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My next venture August 1, 2007

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Green and pink tote bag

I am an admitted purse-o-holic.  My constant search for the “perfect purse” (you know, the one that will make your life complete?)  has led me to start wanting to make them myself.  So I purchased a few books, a few patterns and a whole heap of funky fabrics.  Yet I still couldn’t bring myself to try and make a purse.  Why?  Fear.  It is so wierd to me that even after all the things I have successfully created, certain things still scare me.  In this case, trying to line a purse and create a square bottom had me quaking in my shoes.  So, I took a class and in less than two hours had mastered the skill I feared to try on my own.  The result, three funky fabulous purses ready to use.  Will I use them?  Maybe.  More likely I will try to sell them.  After all, I am not yet sure I have created the perfect one.

The above purse started life as two placemats.  See more purses and stuff at my etsy shop www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com


2 Responses to “My next venture”

  1. Ang Says:

    WOWzieohhhhhhhhhhh that is one funky pocketbook, I am so in love with pocketbooks, I have a few old vintage leather ones i am going to paint on this winter. I saw some down in Ocean City Md that were to die for and my sister said YOU can do that!!!! So the next day we went to the Samaritain House and bought the pocketbooks for 25 cents and i am going to have some funky groovy pocketbooks. Right on you girl that is one gorgeous pocketbook

  2. mcdc3s Says:

    I like the idea of separate shops at Etsy. I am just getting my feet wet with one at the moment.

    Wanted to tell you the link to CallaVisage Blog is not good. Here is the link to my new blog.


    Hugs, Maralena

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