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Still more skinny book pages August 26, 2007


This pair brings me up to 12.  Only 14 more to go.


More skinny book pages

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I finally decided to bite the bullet and tackle some more skinny book pages.    You will recall from previous posts that I am making 26 original pages for  Chrysti Hydeck’s skinny book exchange (as featured in a recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.) Partially due to my fear that I will wake up and have all the unfinished pages due at once, and partially because I am tired of making purses right now (I have a whole bunch posted on my Etsy site www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com) I chose to make 4 pages.  Here they are with (hopefully) a few more to follow in the next few days.


More skinny book pages August 25, 2007

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My next venture August 1, 2007

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Green and pink tote bag

I am an admitted purse-o-holic.  My constant search for the “perfect purse” (you know, the one that will make your life complete?)  has led me to start wanting to make them myself.  So I purchased a few books, a few patterns and a whole heap of funky fabrics.  Yet I still couldn’t bring myself to try and make a purse.  Why?  Fear.  It is so wierd to me that even after all the things I have successfully created, certain things still scare me.  In this case, trying to line a purse and create a square bottom had me quaking in my shoes.  So, I took a class and in less than two hours had mastered the skill I feared to try on my own.  The result, three funky fabulous purses ready to use.  Will I use them?  Maybe.  More likely I will try to sell them.  After all, I am not yet sure I have created the perfect one.

The above purse started life as two placemats.  See more purses and stuff at my etsy shop www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com