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Taking the etsy plunge July 22, 2007

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Open the door to the possibilities

So I have been madly creating masterpieces (okay, so not masterpieces, but art nonetheless) and now they have to go somewhere.  And with my newly diagnosed heart condition (so that’s why I get so tired!)  keeping me off the arts and craft show circuit, I need to sell some stuff.  So I have set up my Esty shop – www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com.  My shrink plastic/Sterling silver charm bracelets are there along with my mixed-media hardcover journals, memory/collage pendants and a few original pieces of art.  Hopefully, this will bring a little business my way so that I can buy more art supplies and make more stuff!  (Wow, this sounds like an addiction.  Hello my name is Kathleen and I am an art-o-holic.)

 The piece shown above is one of the pieces I am offering for sale on Etsy.  As always, I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you.



One Response to “Taking the etsy plunge”

  1. Kelly Romeo Says:

    LOL . . . “art-o-holic” . . . I say, I say, YOU are funny 🙂

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