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Is it soup yet? July 17, 2007

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The finished piece

Lately I find myself wishing that making art was more like cooking.  Meat has to get to a certain temperature before you know it is done.  Or the cheese has to bubble.  Or the crust has to brown.  Why can’t art work that way?  How do you know it is done?  My last two pieces I have worked and worked the piece yet failed to realize when it is done.  I find myself wishing I could go back a step or two and leave it alone.  The piece pictured here”Stop and smell the roses” is one of those pieces.  I still have a step or two left.  Mainly, adding some nails and a hanger.  Maybe a little fiber or ribbon. 

I would love to hear your thoughts. 


*** Update – the finished project is on the right and for sale on my Esty site http://www.beautifullystrange.etsy.com


2 Responses to “Is it soup yet?”

  1. Zhenia Says:

    Maybe you could think of art as cooking without a recipe? I have this one cookbook by Nigel Slater that’s all about developing your senses and learning how to rely on them and your own taste buds more. The recipes are very vague and then you’re left to go to town and make something perfectly suited to your own tastes.

    That could just be me wishing method onto madness, though. 🙂

  2. Ang Says:

    Yeah someimtes i push it too far and then realize in my eyes i have taken it too far and messed it up, yet sometimes there are happy mistakes that happen.
    theres no real quick fix its a matter of discovery and as go through each piece i think we become more in tune to what is happening and the point of knowing when somehting is done comes a bit more naturally.

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