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Skinny book page – fancy ladies July 13, 2007

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Here it is, the second installment of my skinny book pages for Chrysti Hydeck’s exchange. (For more info, click on Chrysti’s link at right.)  I call these my “Fancy Ladies” which is nicer than saying vintage sluts.  (and thank the gods for them!  I just love these images.)  Anyway, I wanted to immortalize them in my own way, so here they are . 

It is funny how these pages come together.  Some of them just flow and naturally come together, others are a real struggle.  Just like in the funerary pages, some of them I love, some leave me a little flat.  I just hope the recipients are pleased. 



One Response to “Skinny book page – fancy ladies”

  1. Karen Mandel Says:

    I absolutely love your ladies…….georgous! Backgroud is dreamy, love your feathers and color choices. It’s different from what you usually see. At times everyone’s art work starts to look the same.


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