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Dorothy in the land of dysfunction June 25, 2007

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Dorothy’s Journal

The Wizard of Oz has long been my favorite movie. So it is no surprise that I often think in “Oz” terms. I will make a real bone-head mistake and think “If I only had a brain.” I will get totally lost and lament “Where is that yellow brick road when I need it?”
My fascination with all things Oz has also led me to examine some of the finer points of the characters more closely. I have always loved Professor Marvel’s term of “care worn” when reffering to Auntie Em’s face. What a great term! I’m not wrinkly – I’m care worn!

Additonally, it occurred to me a while back that Glinda, the Good Witch was quite passive-agressive. Think about it. She antagonizes the Wicked Witch endlessly – she is already majorly peeved at the poor girl when Glinda “reminds” her of the ruby slippers. Then, while she goes to get them, Glinda magically places them on Dorothy’s feet and tells her “Tough cookies, sweetie. You can’t have them, unless you kill her.” Did Dorothy ask for the shoes? NO! Can’t she see how scared Dorothy is of the Wicked Witch? So Glinda’s response is to make the poor girl wear these damn shoes she didn’t want, dooming her to be endlessly chased by the homicidal hag. Her final indignity is to say “Oh by the way, Dorothy, you can’t stay in Munchkin land. You know the place where you’d be safe?!!” So off Dorothy must go with a powerful and unstable witch after her. Such nice hospitality. Why does everyone think the chick in pink is so great?!!

Anyway, that is the way my brain works. It is little wonder I made the journal shown above. I mean, shouldn’t the kid get something for all the crud she put up with?



2 Responses to “Dorothy in the land of dysfunction”

  1. Jan Helman Says:

    I come over to see the pages that you had done for the skinny book, and wandered into “Oz”, what a trip!
    Love your take on the slippers and the witches. I hadn’t thought of it that way before….. but you are sooooo right!
    Then I wandered around and what eye candy your site is. Thank you for such beautiful art!
    Take care, Jan

  2. Leigh Says:

    I love your whole lil spill about how you think in “Oz” terms and the whole Dorothy in the land of dysfunction. Wizard of Oz is my absolute favorite movie in the world I actually went so far as to get a pair of ruby slippers tattooed on my left shoulder blade and I tell anyone that asks I just tell them “I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own backyard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with” and its great to see people who share that passion.

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