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Garage Sale Dreams June 23, 2007

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Just finished with my first ever garage sale.  I spent weeks organizing and cleaning out all that stuff that accumulates.  (It is amazing the things you will part with if you think you can get a dollar for them.)  So here I was with a garage full of detrious.   Then I invited my two best friends to bring their unwanteds and join me for a day of sales. 

 As a veteran jewelry maker and seller, I am accustomed to rude people saying all sorts of things to me that you would never think a polite person would think, let alone express verbally.  So I figured “Give me your rude, unthinking masses yearning to find a bargain.  I am ready.”  Well, color me surprised.  First there was the woman who arrived at 7:20 am for a 9:00 am yard sale and got snippy when I wouldn’t take $1 for a $2 item.  “Lady, why should I reduce the price when I’m not even open yet?”  I thought.  Then there was the woman who offered me .50 cents for a $300 piece of luggage I had marked at $10.  “How about $5?” I said.  She said “It’s not worth $1.”  I really should have asked her if insulting people’s taste usually gets her what she wants.  Instead I just said, “If you won’t take it for $5, then I guess you don’t really want it.”  Seriously, wouldn’t you rather give something to a thrift store and let them sell it and take the profit than sell it to someone who insults you?  I know I would.

Anyway, let’s just chock this up to “People never cease to amaze me.”



2 Responses to “Garage Sale Dreams”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    That reminds me of the last yard sale I did at my mom’s house. Every year in September the street she lives on has a mile long yard sale. It was wrapping up around 2 and we still had stuff out for the stragglers, alot of clothes. These 2 African women came up yelling REDUCE, REDUCE and proceeded to throw our stuff all over the place. Mind you we already had each piece of clothing marked at $1-2. They took a suitcase and started throwing everything in it. REDUCE, REDUCE!!! We finally gave them the suitcase with all the clothes in it for $2 just to get them out of there. It was the last time we participated.

  2. Ang Says:

    ANd THAT is why i like my dog and cat better than i do people.

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