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Inspiration June 29, 2007

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Hearts and FlowerBirdy, Birdy

Wednesday I bought the latest issue of Somerset Studio and got seriously inspired.  Two particular articles grabbed my fancy.  One on doodling by Deb Lewis and another entitled “Nature’s Bounty” by Kristen Robinson.   I  had a lot of fun working each of the projects then combining the two for a third piece of art.  I particularly liked Kristen’s technique of painting then wiping paint off with a baby wipe.  You really get some neat color mottleing (sp?) this way.  Anyway,  I have included photos of two of the projects here.  The heart is based on the doodling project and will be sent to my Mom.  The iris is a picture I took in my garden and the sentiment reads “Hearts and flowers show my love.”  The bird is an altered photo I got off the Internet (yes, it was legal) and is a combination of the two techniques.  Hope you like them.  Let me know your thoughts. Kathleen


Dorothy in the land of dysfunction June 25, 2007

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Dorothy’s Journal

The Wizard of Oz has long been my favorite movie. So it is no surprise that I often think in “Oz” terms. I will make a real bone-head mistake and think “If I only had a brain.” I will get totally lost and lament “Where is that yellow brick road when I need it?”
My fascination with all things Oz has also led me to examine some of the finer points of the characters more closely. I have always loved Professor Marvel’s term of “care worn” when reffering to Auntie Em’s face. What a great term! I’m not wrinkly – I’m care worn!

Additonally, it occurred to me a while back that Glinda, the Good Witch was quite passive-agressive. Think about it. She antagonizes the Wicked Witch endlessly – she is already majorly peeved at the poor girl when Glinda “reminds” her of the ruby slippers. Then, while she goes to get them, Glinda magically places them on Dorothy’s feet and tells her “Tough cookies, sweetie. You can’t have them, unless you kill her.” Did Dorothy ask for the shoes? NO! Can’t she see how scared Dorothy is of the Wicked Witch? So Glinda’s response is to make the poor girl wear these damn shoes she didn’t want, dooming her to be endlessly chased by the homicidal hag. Her final indignity is to say “Oh by the way, Dorothy, you can’t stay in Munchkin land. You know the place where you’d be safe?!!” So off Dorothy must go with a powerful and unstable witch after her. Such nice hospitality. Why does everyone think the chick in pink is so great?!!

Anyway, that is the way my brain works. It is little wonder I made the journal shown above. I mean, shouldn’t the kid get something for all the crud she put up with?



Garage Sale Dreams June 23, 2007

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Just finished with my first ever garage sale.  I spent weeks organizing and cleaning out all that stuff that accumulates.  (It is amazing the things you will part with if you think you can get a dollar for them.)  So here I was with a garage full of detrious.   Then I invited my two best friends to bring their unwanteds and join me for a day of sales. 

 As a veteran jewelry maker and seller, I am accustomed to rude people saying all sorts of things to me that you would never think a polite person would think, let alone express verbally.  So I figured “Give me your rude, unthinking masses yearning to find a bargain.  I am ready.”  Well, color me surprised.  First there was the woman who arrived at 7:20 am for a 9:00 am yard sale and got snippy when I wouldn’t take $1 for a $2 item.  “Lady, why should I reduce the price when I’m not even open yet?”  I thought.  Then there was the woman who offered me .50 cents for a $300 piece of luggage I had marked at $10.  “How about $5?” I said.  She said “It’s not worth $1.”  I really should have asked her if insulting people’s taste usually gets her what she wants.  Instead I just said, “If you won’t take it for $5, then I guess you don’t really want it.”  Seriously, wouldn’t you rather give something to a thrift store and let them sell it and take the profit than sell it to someone who insults you?  I know I would.

Anyway, let’s just chock this up to “People never cease to amaze me.”



To blog or not to blog? June 18, 2007

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In my quest for a meaningful life, I have embraced the mixed media artist persona.  That being said, the groups I have joined are full of “members who blog.” (Is this the new “Ladies who lunch?”)   Every few times I post a message to my group, I am asked “Do you have a blog?”  That question has always made me wonder “Why do you ask?”  Am I so interesting that you want to hear more from me?  Or is it that you wish I would quit taking up space on a message board?  The answer lies probably somewhere in between.

 So I have toyed with the idea of starting a blog, weighing the pros and cons.  Pro – It gives me a space to display my art.  Con – I will need to post frequently to keep it relavant.  Pro – Blogging may help me to immortilize my thoughts.  Con – Do I really want to immortalize my thoughts?  Pro – My brain is so full, I need a little space to organize my ideas.  Con – My brain is so full, there is no telling what will come out.  In the end, the need to create outweighs all.  Therefore, I must blog.